About us

About us

Julia Luteijn

In my art practice I reflect on the ethical use of technologies we use today and in the future. I combine art, technology, and data to research digital transformations and the new zeitgeist. Within my work I explore the relationship between humans and technology within an ethical framework. I accomplish this as an artist and as a developer of teaching materials about digital literacy. Based on my visionary skills, I like to share my knowledge and vision on ethics within the digital society in the 21st century.

Rhied Al-Othmani

Rhied Al-Othmani has diverse graphic design experience, having worked on projects ranging from print to web and branding for a wide variety of clients over the past nine years. In 2011, Rhied received her BA in Digital Communication from the Hogeschool Utrecht and in 2020 her MA degree in Data-driven Design. Her enthusiasm for user experience, combined with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, drew her gradually into research and education. Along with her current positions as lecturer at Communication and Multimedia Design and Master Data-driven Design, she is inspired by the role of open data in facilitating government transparency, trust and citizen participation.

Photo: ckturistando – Unsplash.com