Interviews in English or Dutch

We spoke with women (22) in the tech business from all sorts of backgrounds, e.g. development, architecture and engineering, consultation and management. Conducting additional interviews adds to the project’s value and insights. Are you interested in talking to us and sharing your story and experiences? Reach out by contacting us via julia @ yingemis.nl or rhied @ yingemis.nl. The interview lasts approximately 30 minutes to a maximum of 45 minutes.

We record the audio conversation session, but make the data completely anonymous. Alternatively, we can also conduct the interview via email. We also send the transcripts for final approval before they are used for the project. More concretely, the anonymized interview data and anonymized key quotes would be used.

The research is non-commercial and we would like to share all results and practical results (eg advice and tools) with you. This project is subsidized by the Stimuleringsfonds, Digital Culture.

Photo: Matt Botsford